Nursery Stock

timberland trees nursery
Some of the variety of landscape trees we offer

Landscape, Shade, Evergreeen, and Ornamental Trees

Our nursery stock inventory, and those of the nurseries we work with, varies from year to year. This is due to the fact that each year new trees come into their saleable size as other trees are sold or grow out of their saleable size.

Typical sizes that we sell and move; Shade trees – 4 inch caliper, Evergeens – 9 to 12 foot tall, Ornamentals (such as flowering crab) – 10 foot tall.

Because our nursery stock is always changing, please call for availability of trees you are interested in.

Landscape Design

We do not provide professional landscape design services, but we would be glad to discuss your project and offer suggestions. We can also work with an existing landscape design plan.

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