Nursery Stock

Our nursery stock inventory, and those of the nurseries we work with, is extensive and varies from year to year. This is due to the fact that each year new trees come into their saleable size as other trees are sold or grow out of their saleable size.

Typical sizes that we sell and move; Shade trees – 4 inch caliper, Evergeens – 9 to 12 foot tall, Ornamentals (such as flowering crab) – 10 foot tall.

Following is a list of some of the trees that we may have to offer.

Evergreen Trees
White Pine
Red Pine (Norway)
Colorado Spruce (Blue and Green)
Fat Albert Spruce
Norway Spruce
Black Hills Spruce
Concolor Fir
Balsam Fir
Techney Arborvitae

Shade Trees
Green Mountain Sugar Maple
Autumn Blaze Maple
Marmo Maple
Deborah Maple
Northern Pin Oak
Swamp White Oak
Greenspire Linden
Redmond Linden
American Hornbeam (Ironwood)
Accolade Elm
Homestead Elm

Ornamental Trees
European Mountain Ash (not a true Ash – and therefore not a victim of Emerald Ash Borer disease)
River Birch
Grey Birch
Red Jewell Flowering Crab
Red Splendor Flowering Crab
Prairiefire Flowering Crab

Looking for other varieties? As our stock may change over time and we also have relationships with a number of wholesale nurseries, call us if you are looking for a tree that is not listed.

Landscape Design

We do not provide professional landscape design services, but we would be glad to discuss your project and offer suggestions. We can also work with an existing landscape design plan.

Landscape Tree Guarantee

  • Trees purchased from Timberland Trees LLC come with a one year replacement guarantee. The survival of your trees is important to us. Please read and follow the recommendations under “Care of your newly transplanted trees.”  Though unlikely – you will know if there is a problem with your tree within one year.
  • This guarantee does not include Tree Spade Service, where we move and transplant your own trees to a different location.
  • This guarantee does not include damage to trees, that occurred after they were planted in your yard, such as storm or mechanical damage, or lack of “Care of your newly transplanted trees”.
  • If a problem should arise –  Contact us here.